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• Perfect for offices and businesses
• Keep at home or share with family members
• Ideal for daily use
• 100% tested and Health Canada Approved
• Kills 99.9% of germs instantly with every use
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Our top quality hand sanitizers are ideal for day-to-day use. Share with family, office staff, or customers. Stay Safe.
Health Canada ApprovedGermslab sanitizers cater to Health Canada Guidelines and offer only high-quality products that improve human health. Powerful On-the-go ProtectionInstant hand sanitizer that quickly kills 99.99% of illness-causing pathogens. Use it daily at home or while heading out in public places. Fast-Acting Formula Skin quickly absorbs the hand sanitizer to offers all-round protection against viruses, bacteria, flu, and other harmful germs.

Germslab Hand Sanitizers - Health Canada Authorized for COVID-19

Taking necessary precautions protects everyone from highly contagious infections and viruses like Coronavirus, ebola, etc. Germslab hand sanitizers are one of the best sanitizers made in Canada. It meets the health and safety guidelines of Health Canada and WHO. We care about you and your loved ones. Our expert team ships products within two days.

"Germslab hand sanitizers kill germs instantly and come with a nice fragrance. My hands feel germs-free and moisturized after its application. Super impressed with the products"

Randy Rilind
CEO and Founder
Toronto, Ontario

"Thank you to Germslab for supplying hand sanitizers in bulk amid the deadly Coronavirus outbreak. No-fuss, no waiting, just order with ease, and they will take care of the rest"

Jessica Jones
Executive Director, Small Business
Richmond Hill, Ontario

How to sanitize your hands properly

Add a few drops of santizer and fully massage through all exposed areas of the hands and palms for about 20 seconds. Our alcohol-based sanitizers are ideal for homes, hospitals, offices, nursing homes, and other public places.
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